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Ford District is experiencing a revitalization and growth like ever before. New opportunities for rediscovering the District and its strong work centered community. The Apollo towers were designed to challenge the traditional commercial office building with an innovative approach to flexible workspaces, and collaborative socially engaging floors and circulation. 
Being the tallest building in the Ford District and situated in one of the most prominent streets in the district, Apollo serves as a beacon for the future of the district. Apollo can be seen from downtown Portland bringing curiosity, and new talents to the Ford district. The towers are anchored by private commercial and retail spaces at the podium. 
The towers themselves were carved out by the equinox and solstice positions of the sun optimizing sun exposure bringing and bright work environment to the office floors. The core of the towers are offset to the side maximizing open space while minimizing the structural footprint and dramatically increasing space planning flexibility and offering a healthier work environment with enhanced natural light and cross ventilation airflow. 

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