see me 


See me now is an investigation on perception and the beginning of research into agglomerating objects. Two objects were created for this observation. The first, a simple cube.  The cube is very recognizable, from any angle or any color and size. In the same fashion, a second cube was constructed but with very familiar/popular culture objects amalgamated in each of the cube’s sides. The two cubes were then mounted on the wall and displayed for others to interact with. From afar one could not really tell the difference between them as they were both positioned the same, mounted in the same fashion and they were both stripped of any color, shown in white. As subjects walked by, they began to notice details of the cubes, having a greater curiosity for the amalgamated cube. When the subjects were close enough to see each figure, each object, they no longer acknowledged the primitive cube adjacent to it and furthermore ignored that the objects they were looking at was a cube, to begin with. This was the premise of this investigation.

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New York, NY